Python Programming

In the previous year or so, I started learning Python. I started learning it on This is a website where you can learn to program in a lot of programming languages. I was on about 40% of the course when I stopped because school started again. Last monday, I finished the course . Then I wanted to write some simple programs, but I never had a lot of inspiration for writing simple program to practice.

I was making some math homework about probability theory. When I got some inspiration for a program.
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Review: iA Writer

Hi guys, this is the first post on my blog! If you have any feedback on my blog, the design of my blog or this article, please let me know with a comment below this post or send me an email.

I thought about where I should write about as first post on my blog. I had an idea. Just start with the first program I see in front of me, and that was my text editor: iA Writer.

I bought iA Writer about a year ago and I use it for everything. To make notes, do homework and I’m going to use it for writing articles for my blog.

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